A New Beginning

Welcome to BibliOccult, Library of the Odd, the Obscure, and the Occult. Other than the fact that I clearly love alliteration, what does that tell you about this blog?  This will be a place where you can find a variety of posts to tickle your fancy and send chills down your spine.  If you thrive on the bizarre, and you’re intrigued by the unknown, then you’ve come to the right place.

Updated weekly, this website will curate strange (but not always supernatural) stories from the news and from history, as well as the occasional book or film review.  I’m fascinated by the supernatural, especially ghosts, so they’ll be a highlight of this blog.  In addition to being a librarian, I’m a murderino with a forensics degree, so there will inevitably be some analyses of unexplained murders (and their subsequent hauntings) thrown into the mix.

If you’re interested, click follow.  The first official post will be on Friday the 13th.  I look forward to unnerving you soon…

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